Winter solstice and Xmas break

I am taking a break from work now until 3 January.  I hope you too will have a restful time at this very dark time of year, and I wish you well for 2018.

Summer is here

I am taking a few weeks off work, and I am looking forward to reconnecting with my clients and supervisees, and maybe welcoming some new ones, at the end of August. I hope you are all managing to take some time out for yourselves.  I think it’s so important to recharge the batteries from time to time.

Keeping spirits up this winter

The days are getting longer, but the weather has been dreary.  So I am keeping my spirits up by giving the log cabin a good spring clean to keep it lovely and cosy for all my clients. Warm regards 😊

Autumn is coming

The weather is changing here in Hampshire, the days are already getting shorter, and my thoughts are with those of us who suffer with seasonally affected depression.  This time of year can cause anxiety about how we will cope with the approaching darkness.  It seems important to get outside and enjoy the sunlight when we can.  Some people find special lights which simulate daylight helpful. I believe in surrounding ourselves with people who make us feel good, talking about how we feel, finding things to do that we can enjoy, especially rhythmic exercise like walking, cycling, or dancing, and plenty of... Read More »