Older people and alcohol – topical food for thought

The Guardian, 02/01/16: Older people drinking too much could create NHS ‘timebomb’, says doctor.

I was interested to read this article, which reflects my experience when I was working in NHS alcohol services.

When I first started this work in 2010, I was surprised at the high number of recently retired women, who had developed alcohol addiction.  A common experience was that they had previously enjoyed “a glass of wine” after work, at weekends, and on holiday.  Once they had retired, the holiday feeling continued, and the “glass of wine” became a daily feature and the time of day when they started drinking had moved to lunchtime or earlier.  Loneliness and a feeling of lack of purpose and structure to the day seemed to play a part too.

It appears all too easy for alcohol consumption to get out of hand and affect our mental and physical functioning.


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